We are excited about 2 new partnerships – A-B Tech College and Irene Wortham Center. Both are in Asheville, North Carolina. A-B Tech’s ABE Foundations program in Transitional Studies offers free classes for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities to explore and develop academic and employability skills. Bloom Fitness has been announced as a program in their Spring semester and is planned to be an ongoing part of the curriculum.

For 57 years the Irene Wortham Center provide comprehensive, quality residential and day services for children and adults with developmental and/or socioeconomic challenges. The program there will serve the IWC clients, and eventually to expand the Bloom Fitness program to the greater community of people with IDD.

Quote from John Watson:
“I am excited about the diversity of both of these credible organizations. They will help Bloom expand the practice of healthy living to more people with IDD and continue Bloom’s development of new ways to improve the lives of the people we serve.”