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We Love Each Athlete.

Bloom Fitness is a community around fitness and wellness that provides athletes with a feeling of belonging. The program offers people with intellectual and developmental disABILITIES an inviting and safe environment to exercise, learn about healthy lifestyle choices, and have social interaction.

Featured Instructor


We are proud to introduce our featured September Instructor. Steve Quick is the most enthusiastic and selfless teacher, volunteering his time to spread love and fitness to our athletes. Here’s a bit more about Steve.


“I appreciate working with Bloom because I love helping the guys and girls that come to classes. They have so much love and enthusiasm. It’s contagious and sets me up for a greater day!”
Featured Instructor


We are proud to introduce our featured January Instructor. Patrina Anthony is an incredible gift to our program.


“I volunteer because I’m always willing to learn new things but volunteering with Bloom gives me great pleasure to know that this program is dedicated only to the IDD adult population. I am the Program Coordinator for The Harris Center Day Program. I also oversee Employment Services for the IDD population with the Harris Center, and supervise IDD case managers at the Gessner location.”
Featured Instructor


“I started teaching aerobic fitness classes in 1992 while in college and fell in love with exercise science. I majored in Physical Education in undergrad and got my Master’s in Kinesiology. I taught Physical Education to children from Pre-K to 8th grade and coached for 15 years. Throughout that time, I also received certifications in Yoga, Schwinn Cycling, and Senior Fitness. I’ve been an advocate for fitness as long as I can remember, and I love motivating all people to move!! The athletes at Bloom Fitness inspire me every day with their positive attitudes and dedication.
I am so thrilled to be a part of this amazing community! I can’t wait to see all that we will create and learn together through movement, community, and fun!”
Featured Instructor


At The Hub, the students are blessed to be able to have a fitness class before their school day begins. Christian East stood out early on into our introduction of the Bloom Fitness program to the school. He was absolutely showing signs of leadership, and earlier this year, it was time to have Christian share his gift of leading. He lead his first spin class to his peers and has continued to do so with enthusiasm, love and encouragement. He is the 1st athlete in the Bloom Fitness program to have received an official “Instructor” shirt. We are filled with pride to witness this part of Christian’s journey. Keep up the amazing work Christian!

Featured Instructor


“I love volunteering for Bloom because it fills an important need and gives attention to a very special group of athletes. It is movement and exercise taught with love and acceptance. The best best best is seeing our athletes succeed in something that once frustrated them. To watch progress and see the huge smile, the excitement and change in their confidence. It is the gift I receive!”
Featured Instructor


“When I first started the program and I was given my first Bloom shirt after several visits to a location. When the athletes came into the room and saw that I had a Bloom Fitness shirt on, they gave me hugs. I felt like I belonged. Second – I watched an athlete sit on the bike for the first time and barely able to peddle. Then one day while I was teaching, she stood up and was smiling. She improved and she knew it!”
John W. - Bloom Fitness Founder - Leadership Team
Michele S. - Cycle, Weights Instructor - Leadership Team
Mynette M. Yoga - Center for Pursuit - Leadership Team
Manuel L. (Cycle, Texana)
Lainie D. (Laughter Yoga, Center for Pursuit)
Floyd H. (Cycle, Team Leader, The Harris Center)
Mariana K. | (Yoga, The HUB)
Michelle G. (Yoga, Center for Pursuit)
Paige (Cycle, Center for Pursuit)
Rhonda P. (Cycle, The Harris Center)
Glynn J. (Cycle, Center for Pursuit)
Jasmine S. (Cycle, Texana)
Steve Q. (Cycle, Center for Pursuit)
Allen A. (Cycle, Center for Pursuit)
Jourdan M. (Floor, Cycle, Dance, Center for Pursuit)
Saundra D. (Cycle, Weights Instructor, Texana, Missouri City)
JB A. (Cycle, The Harris Center)
Angelica Q. (Cycle, The Harris Center)
Patrine A. (Cycle, Team Coordinator, The Harris Center)
(Cycle, Weights Instructor, Texana, Missouri City)
Marla H. (Cycle, The Harris Center)
Kristi G. (Cycle, The Harris Center)
Rebecca A. (Cycle, The Harris Center)
Floyd H. (Cycle, Team Leader, The Harris Center)

“Being part of Bloom Fitness creates pride and belonging for the athletes.”

Manuel Lopez — Education and Employment Senior Manager at Texana Center & Bloom Fitness Cycle Instructor

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