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Class Types

Our goal is to ensure every athlete feels apart of the community. Individuals with disABILITIES receive very few opportunities to be part of anything at all. We make an extra effort to make being part of Bloom Fitness something very cool and a community that the athletes are proud of.



This adaptive class builds strength, improves mobility, and improves overall health and emotional well-being. Athletes use movement and breath cues throughout class and leave feeling energized, uplifted and centered. You will experience a new connection to your body, breath, heart and community. Traditional Yoga is the newest addition to the program. Since yoga inherently provides a sense of belonging and community, it fits well into the Bloom Fitness community of wellness.



Bloom began with indoor cycle and the philosophy that, “if you can sit on the bike, you can do the class.”  A very low-impact workout, our classes are filled with fun music and energy.  And we have documented amazing emotional and physical improvement in our athletes through these classes.”



The foundations of Pilates movement apply to athletes of all fitness levels. Building from core strength and a body/mind integrative approach make Pilates accessible to all.  This class, led by our Volunteer Instructor Beth, will increase happiness, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain and lower stress.



Our volunteer instructors Patrina and Beryl will lead you through these great dance classes. Get your move on with some fun music. No dance skills required. If you like music, this class is for you.



Strength is a 40-minute high-energy and no impact exercise class that combines lightweights with small movements. This class focuses on overall strength while ensuring everyone has fun and feels comfortable, yet challenged! Like all classes, Strength is for all abilities! Our Volunteer Instructor Michele will guide you through these great classes.

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By leading with their hearts, our instructors create a connection with each athlete and provide a space for them to connect to fitness at their own pace. Instructors invest a lot into ensuring riders are safe, have fun and get the best opportunity to improve their health and fitness.

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